Karte_cgi - map_cgi
Karte_cgi is interactively calculating maps via a web-interface. It is written in C. With recent hardware you will be able to show the progress of your worldwide sailing tour, your cross continent bike race or whatever geo referenced data you like to share.

The program is based on rmap and uses its public domain vector data file earth.rez donated by the CIA (USA) :-) and contributed by Reza Naima.

karte_cgi depends on:

The map projections are done by libproj. This way you can incorporate any of their projections with almost no effort at all.

Projects using karte_cgi

Download karte_cgi
Interested? Get karte_cgi-0.3.tar.bz2. There is now a patch included, to make the core program multithreaded.
Enjoy and mail, if you have comments, suggestions or questions left open:

Marcus Lindemann